OurSainsbury system has to provide all essential details regarding works and shifts. The company developed this system with the aim to ease everything for the employee. They also wanted to make work a little more fun and exciting. Through this system, the employees can stay updated about their work throughout the day and from any place. However, to access the system, the employee must be a valid one so that the managers can respectively register them. After the manager helps to sign up, the employees can log into the system without any problem.

How to Login to the OurSainsburys?
Before you log in to the system, your manager needs to confirm that you are the potential
and valid employee. The steps to log in to the system includes
  • The primary step of logging in requires having the National Insurance Number. Once you have the number, you need to keep all the details to yourself.
  • You will eventually receive your username, which will contain your real name and the employee ID number.
  • The default password will be the national insurance number. You can change the default password later on.
  • You will need to visit the official portal of OurSainsburys on the website, www.oursainsburys.co.uk.
  • The pop-up window will appear which will require you to provide all the information regarding your password and user ID.
  • Once you are done entering your details, you need to click on the Login button. The system may take some time to process the information.
  • The first timers are usually asked to change their default password. Make sure to enter a unique and secretive passcode.
  • Click here for instant login

What are the benefits?
The employees using OurSainsburys system are entitled to a lot of benefits. Some of the significant benefits include the following.

Discount cards
Once the employee has provided his six months of service, Sainsbury's offers him the colleague discount card. This card will make the person enable to shop from any Sainsbury store at a discount of 10 percent. This is held to be valid for online stores as well. Moreover, the rate of discount increases during festive seasons and they can also have a second user.

Annual bonus
The annual bonus scheme varies from one place to another ensuring that the employees get to enjoy the different bonus schemes. However, these bonuses come with discounts which are specified a year before applying them.

Flexible work hours
Sainsbury's believe that all the employees have the right to manage their work and household chores. Therefore, they have been providing flexible work hours to the employees, so that the employees choose a time according to their needs and work accordingly.

Other policies
Apart from that, the employees are also eligible for different benefits such as service awards for their long term service, child care, parental leave, pension, shares saving and more.

Sainsbury's also offers insurance covers for the employees. They make sure that every employee has an insurance cover to avoid unnecessary damage or situation. Becoming an employee can bring about various benefits. OurSainsburys has proved to be an efficient system for the employees as they are updated about all the deals.

Sainsbury's ranks itself among the top ten supermarket chains of United Kingdom. What is more prominent about this industry is that it is the second largest supermarket in the country with about 16.9% of the shares of the overall earning for the supermarket sector. This supermarket sector was found in the year 1869 by John James Sainsbury. Over time, many companies came by but could not defeat this supermarket giant. However, with time it did lose its position and ranked lower to the maximum of third grade. Eventually, it grew to be ranking in the second position.

Sainsbury's is spread around the country ensuring various supermarkets in different locations. This makes them one of the leading companies to have a leading employee base. Every year several new employees join the company in search of jobs. Sainsbury's has ensured that every employee is updated about their work schedule and payroll. Initially, these used to be a little difficult for the companies to handle. But, it eventually grew with time, and now they have the OurSainsburys system to handle all this. This is, however, reducing the pressure of handling all the paperwork.

Sainsbury's had introduced this for the betterment of their employees. It’s a great employee management system. The employees can handle everything in the workplace through this system and will also be able to check the paperwork. The system is ensuring that the employees get details regarding the company agenda, instruction, salary details, insurance, and all the benefits assured to them. Since it is always a tough task to manage everything, OurSainsburys acts as a rescuer and solves every problem. Since it is an online cloud-based system, all the documents can be stored in there with complete safety against theft and document loss.